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Custom software platforms

Custom Platforms

Best cloud automation

Cloud Automation

Intelligent systems

Intelligent Systems

Unlike most of software companies, we’re a passion driven league of folks who do work which they really love. A team that’s holden together with passion glue.

The company is founded with innovative culture than gross revenue in sight.

From mockups to delivery pipelines

One of the best custom software development company

With evolving product design and development skills our vivid engineering managers prepare the best action plan for your products. From requirements to clean scale deployments we help companies to build MVPs and then handle scale as your products grow.

We have dedicated team of cloud architects

Cloud experts at your one email away

From choosing the right deployment platform for products to making new launches planet scale from day 1. We assure you complete guidance on the timing and costs of your cloud decisions. We believe in complete cost savings on the cloud.

From chatbots to advanced AI & Predictive solutions

Build real smart systems with our AI & ML experts

Smart platforms deliver higher attentions for business tools. Our proven experts help to grab you best of the data and user experience at the same time. Build custom data driven ML solutions - model, train and test your solutions with our team.

Agile problem solving process.

  1. Understand business needs & goals
  2. Assess risks and opportunities
  3. Design and visualize the solutions
  4. Documentation and story writing
  5. Clean implementation of clear goals
  6. Deployments and scale products

We help you choose just the right tech stack

Languages and frameworks

These are the few primarily used tech at Astorick. If you don’t see anything here - no worries we probably have an expert on our team.


  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Go
  • Java


  • React.js
  • Angular.js
  • Vue.js
  • ES6

Cloud Integrations & Technologies Go Vue.js

  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • CircleCi
  • Azure
  • ECS
  • Kubernetes
  • Lambda
  • AWS Cloud

Data Engineering

  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Airflow
  • AWS Firehose


  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Aurora

Design and Prototyping

  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Figma
  • Adobe

Agile, Tracking & Other Platforms

  • JIRA
  • Asana
  • Github
  • Bitbucket

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Sai Jaybhay

Sai Jaybhay

CEO & Senior Manager