We’re bunch of expert misfits came together for love of innovation

Unlike most of software companies, we’re a passion driven league of folks who do work which they really love. A team that’s holden together with passion glue.

The company is founded with innovative culture than gross revenue in sight.

Sai Jaybhay

Our thought leader. Decade long industry expertise key person in the business decisions. Have already proven his leadership in various domains over the last couple of years.

Sai Jaybhay

CEO Astorickconnect
Mangesh Mahajan

The process maestro. Expert in management and process optimization. A proven expert in operating skills - Keeping the team on track to glide through our challenges elegantally.

Mangesh Mahajan

COO Astorickconnect


To innovate sustainable tech solutions which add real value

We are a innovation at the heart company. We are bound to create efficient, maverick technology solutions. We believe in constructive innovation all time.

Agile software development


Innovative teams


Effiicent data pipelines


Recent ventures

Each service product is taken next level

Sustainable tech stack designed for global billing

Efficient workflows built for ECS deployments

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Let’s action plan your goal together

Sai Jaybhay

Sai Jaybhay

CEO & Senior Manager